I had the idea to put together a little book of fun memories of you from friends and family, so I sent out the word by email, text and snail-mail. I was blown away by the response and have spent many hours laughing and crying as I piece this together for you in a somewhat chronological order.

You are a truly amazing person who has touched the lives of so many. As much as I’d like to think you are all mine, you have so many who hold you very dear to their hearts.

I hope you enjoy reading each thoughtful message and the complimentary (or not so) photos.

You da best!



From Paul Harlan


When I was 5 and Evan was not quite 9, Steve not quite 13, our family took a trip through states including Utah and then up into Canada. At one motel stop, Motho and dad told us kids  Steve, Evan and me) to go find something to do. Not sure what they did but we went exploring and found a large basin full of muck. We started walking through it. We were getting deeper and deeper. Before we could get to the other side Steve was up to his thighs, Evan to his waist and I had mud up to my chest  at least that is what I remember). I thought we were sinking in quicksand. Steve was able to drag me out. I guess Evan got himself out.

Once several of our family members met in Barlow Ky. I remember a time Evan, Renee, Motho, Steve and I were driving around town being silly and calling out the car window, ‘howeeruu’ to the local townsfolk.

On another trip we were staying near Mt St Helens. One night, around midnight, Evan, Steve and I went out on an out-of-the-way road to watch a meteor shower. Evan was in the car, Steve was on the roof of the car and I was standing with my hands behind my neck for support  in a ‘surrender’ position). Two police cars pulled up and shined their lights on us. I looked at Steve then at Evan in the car. They were both holding their hands up in a surrender position. It looked pretty funny. The police got out. We told them we were watching the meteor shower. There was no problem – they just thought someone  me) might be in trouble.

Some memories of trips to Boston.

1984, on a month long bus trip, I stopped off in Boston to see Evan and Renée. We went to Vermont for their wedding. It was a wonderful time.

Valinda, Becca and I went to Boston in January of 1993. Steve and Motho came the next day. Evan and Renée rented a house in Vermont. I remember walking on an ice pond and other winter activities.

In May of 2008, on a trip to Martha’s Vineyard, I visited Evan and Renee. It was a short but memorable trip. Highlights included going with Evan and Renée to Walden Pond, the  Old North Bridge, seeing a bad play at the American Repertory Theater  we walked out at intermission) and  the Mt Auburn cemetery designed by Olmstead – incredibly beautiful.