Hello 60 year old Evan. I've been trying to remember the first time we met - and can't, though I assume it was at a dance performance at Joy of Movement. My earliest memory of you is of my exiting left in my Olds Starfire  how weird is that?) off of route 2 onto 111 to pick you up on the way to watch our ladies dance in Northhampton. You and Acton were new to me then. Who knew!

Was it 31 years ago that we first celebrated Laura and your abutting birthdays together on Monhegan Island? Birthday cake-in-a-can and all? And have we missed celebrating any of them since? I don't think so. Even our California gig didn't get in the way.

When I think of you Evan, the first thing that comes is your laugh  an E flat legato to Renee's staccato in G) and then you at a keyboard. Piano or accordion. And my amazement, wonder, and awe at the seeming ease with which you relate to them and create on them- and remember every freakin' note of every song ever written by you or anyone else! To me it's like being able to recite π to the ten thousandth digit. What a brain! No wonder something else wants to hang out in there. And your acute grasp of world geography has me wondering about its relationship to music. Any ideas?

Anyway, when I think back on the past 30 something years I experience an image and sensation of a long continuous cord  or chord if you like) connecting our lives that is part of my being - and well being. Both your spirit and music have touched and warmed my heart for almost half the beats it has taken in this life.

My love to you Evan. Onward to 70.