Happy 60th Birthday!

You are a great brother-in-law to me and uncle to our children. You have welcomed me into the family, put up with my mood swings and migraines, and always with grace and kindness. I have nothing but fond memories and warm thoughts of you.

I will always hold dear the memory of you playing at our wedding...and the lovely braid of yours.  It was a French braid I believe, not every man could pull that off, but you sure did!

I remember you introducing me to Blue Man Group  thank you -love them to this day!), skating, well really sliding, for my first  and only) time on an ice pond in Vermont, walking Boston in the COLDEST weather I have EVER experiences- the first  and again only) time my noise hairs were frozen :)

And many, many family dinners and celebrations with good food and drink and lovely conversation. You are a talented, loving, intellectual, creative soul, and I have the deepest of respect for you.

I am glad you were born, for the world is truly a better place with you in it!