Montage for Evan

In reflecting about you and this landmark birthday of 60 and our times together it is not a few momentous occasions that stand out but rather many, many  smaller ones across 31 years...

A birthday buddy for life, a day and a year apart, 31 birthday celebrations together and still going strong...

The early years...A handsome gifted musician, my excitement of playing music with you in a Boston apt

You capturing Renee’s heart, you two falling in love during Zellsworth residency at the Tobin School

Dancing to the delightful music of Gallery Games, moving to your wonderful live music while Amy’s teaches

Piling in to your van on a cold winter Boston day for a Zellsworth gig

En route to Maine, an early a.m. diner breakfast, laughing about pancake  sandwiches

A turbulent boat ride to Monhegan, the 4 of us working hard to keep our eyes on the horizon 

Hiking around the island, perched on rocky coastline gazing out to sea, spotting seals, joyfully playing games accompanied by candlelight

Unveiling the makings of a birthday cake transported in pieces

Cambridge neighbors of the finest kind, a short walk between Thingvalla St and  Malcolm Rd, porch dinners, morning glories wrapping their way up the railings Myriad walks on Mt Auburn’s winding paths, rhodies and azalea blooming, spanning the years, reminding us of the warmth, grounding, and continuity of friendship

Visiting Julie’s grave, life and death intertwined, the beautiful music you wrote for Tamsen Donner

Bike rides around Boxboro, the steep climb to Harvard and the welcome coasting back

Birthday time...silly hats and hooters, apple picking with your mother, yummie homemade meals, freshly harvested basil pesto, pumpkin cheesecakes, Marie lying deathly ill on the living room floor, enjoying the warmth of each other’s homes

Swimming in every lake, pond, and quarry we can find, far and near

Blue wall hanging from Bali that now hangs on our kitchen wall, postcards from Australia, Iceland, Russia, Europe, Florida, Maine

House concerts with your amazingly gifted bands ...Annie Starr’s, Amy’s, lying atop rugs at Gregorian’s, wishing you would do one at our house

Recent years...Disturbing news of seizures in France, scarier news of brain cells proliferating,

Resilient body seemingly undaunted by the challenges of surgery, radiation, and chemo

Sitting on your front steps after surgery a zipper scar across your skull looking happy to be alive. 12 years later life force fierce and strong.

Pianos in and out of windows not made for pianos, accordions crafted and retrieved in Italy, playing tunes never before heard on accordion 1000 different ways, creative impulses flowing like a determined river

Making walls of coins, walls tumbling down, and walls re-constructed

Sending us off to CA, the place of your youth, and welcoming us home, heads spinning, wondering where/if we would ever land

Breathing a deep sigh of relief, Gloucester is home, at least for now, which is truly all we ever have

Livingston Taylor at Shalin Liu, a magical whale watch out of Gloucester Harbor, one more swim in the quarry before it gets too cold...

October is here again, birthday time, a big number, 60, unbelievable, WOW! I beat you to it, incredulous at the passage of time. Full of gratitude for your Evanly presence in our lives and sweet hopes that we will share many more simple precious times together...  

Happy 60th dear Evan!!