We’ve always looked for reasons to vacation, party and celebrate with Evan and Renee. In the 1980’s, we hiked in the Adirondacks, traveled to Jacob’s Pillow to see dance concerts, and went away for weekends to Western Mass, Vermont and New York. The photo with Lynn and Andrew is in Vermont. Somewhere in the archives is a photo of Evan and Markus baring it all in a stream after a good, steamy hike.

Often times the get- togethers included dressing up as you’ll see in the pictures from the 1990’s. Halloween included pumpkin carving at Lynn and Andrew’s for many years, until Eli developed an “Evan phobia” which he eventually outgrew. Birthday celebrations are always a good reason to get together, and in the past, several times with the moms. The Tacky Birthday celebration when several of us were turning 40 almost got out of hand when someone at the disco in Saugus took exception to Evan’s pairing of a tux with Birkenstock sandals. We escaped unscathed and it made for a memorable evening.

In the 2000s, we continued our tradition of hiking but added more biking. Markus and Evan share a music bond which has led to many conversations, sharing of cds and concerts and when there happen to be two pianos next to each other, playing together.  We’ve enjoyed our quiet Christmas eve celebrations over these many years which typically include a walk and a fine meal before our family and friends descend for a raucous evening. As always, it is our shared appreciation of being with dear friends, be it outdoors or indoors, in a saddle or at a table, wining and dining over freshly prepared food, and sharing our stories.

Happy 60th, Evan.