Happy 60th Evan!  You remain in my mind a fabulous adversary -     Iowa? (my home state) or California (your home state) ? Where would you rather be??? I always stood up for Iowa in our many arguments.  And of course now that years have passed, I am now an Iowan living in California (in fact, in exactly the town in Southern California you thought I might end up in)  In fact, the town you showed me on a map 20 years ago  at the end of a high desert chaparral canyon in Orange County.  

I will also say that you graciously called me about 10 years ago to tell me that you were on tour in a wonderful place, called Iowa City, with the Von Trapp family, staying in a great b and b on the Iowa River where you could ride bikes up the riverside.  And therefore, you could now appreciate that there were some real merits to Iowa. 

So Evan, you have some qualities that I deeply appreciate- and no matter how frustrated I was at your inability to appreciate the Midwest, you also have wisdom that I must acknowledge.  It is nice to have a lemon tree in my backyard.  And a pacific ocean nearby- You were right.

When I think about our long -standing friendship, (35 years??) I also have to think about the fact that you guys have been pillars of consistency and stability and love - the friends I could travel to see 3000 miles away, sobbing at the dissolution of my marriage; and the friends I spent vacation time with in rain (yes, there were puzzles in Maine ) and in sunshine here in California. This counts for allot in the world.  

So happy birthday Evan- you are a gem of a guy.  And I count you as one of my true friends. 


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