Thinking about Turkey Day, way back when, it might have been Christmas. But whatever celebration, we were enjoying Renée’s delicious gloggia. Several glasses later… we needed a refill and Evan volunteered. The next batch didn’t taste quite the same… somehow some turkey fat found its way into our glasses. We had a good laugh.

Candice and David’s wedding was a picture perfect day and a fabulous celebration of two love birds. Much the same as Evan & Renée. Just look at those photos! Hiking with our good friend and bud, Jeff, drinking champagne and off to dance the night away. Not photographed, but supremely enjoyed was Evan’s accordion playing the night before.

Evan eyeing the hand-turned legs for the pantry project. Oh the fun that we had on home projects!

For 60 years you have been celebrating your birthday and we have too, just not every one. To the many sixty celebrations  and the seventy thereafter. You are so loved! 


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