I first became aware of Evan Harlan when I received a wedding invitation from my dear friend Renee.  She was going to marry this guy named Evan.  The invitation graphic included a photo of Renee and Evan sitting at their kitchen table (or at least that's what it looked like.)  And from the angle of the photograph Evan appeared to be a little wimpy guy.   "Hmmm… a keyboard player", I thought to myself.

With Renee and Evan living in Boston and I living in New York as I did (and do) …and Renee and I not having fully re-established our friendship post-high school...it turned out to be a number of years before I actually met Evan.

Imagine my surprise to discover that he was in no way a little wimpy guy…but a tall and confident presence... who, it was immediately clear to me, made my dear friend Renee very, very happy.

The truth is I was intimidated by Evan for a long time.  Not because of his personality or demeanor.  He couldn't have been more accessible or welcoming.  But I'm an amateur bassoon player and Evan is PRO!!!   And a gentlemen.  I have strong memories of his patience and indulgence whenever I attempted to talk music with him (particularly because I know almost nothing about the genres in which Evan was so expert.)  And I remember one particular act of generosity when, while he and Renee were visiting me in NY, he graciously agreed to read through the Mozart Bassoon Concerto with me.  It was clearly not a peak musical experience for Evan but it was a thrill for me.  And I'll never forget it.

Happy birthday Evan.  You duh man! 


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