As for Evan stories, I probably have a lot, but I'm finding it hard to organize any one of them into something that doesn't sound rambling, or sappy, or fatuous, or all three.  Perhaps I'll be able to come up with something short, sweet, and funny.  I will tell YOU, Renee, though it sounds treacly as all get-up, that working with Evan has been among the greatest inspirations, thrills, and challenges of my life. As you know, he is a genius, albeit sometimes a grumpy and impatient one. And I have felt honored ever single time he has made the choice to work with me. And every time I know he is going to be playing a concert or a gig with me, I am energized (and relieved). But that's just for you, Renee. That's waaay too sappy for public consumption!

I hope you and Evan have a joyful, festive, meaningful, and wonderful 60th birthday celebration.  Thanks for inviting me and all Evan's colleagues to be a part of it in this way.

Here are lots of pictures!    



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