The very first time I saw Evan was at a concert in Jordan Hall where he was performing with my teacher Abby Rabinovitz.  I don't know what made me think some time later that I, a nobody violinist, could just pick up the phone and ask this very amazing musician to do a gig with me.  But that's exactly what I did, and Evan agreed to play this duo Christmas/Klezmer gig with me.  I was nervous playing with him that first time, and truth be told I was nervous playing with him for years to come.  Nothing escapes this guy's ears, but it so happens that I respond well to pressure and therefore I was lucky that our musical relationship thrived.  One of my favorite things to play with Evan are melodies.  We somehow never have to discuss how to interpret them, like we have an understanding that probably comes from us enjoying similar kinds of music, Edith Piaf and tangos come to mind.  I strive to phrase like a singer, and Evan is always right there with me.  I miss that :)

But enough about music.  Some of my very favorite memories are of Andromeda in Iceland.  Like the party we had after our first concert in Reykjavik, when my family and friends came over to my parents' house, and we laughed, played music, and drank.  In fact drank more than we realized, as the day after when discussing what happened to a whole bottle of Icelandic Vodka, me and Evan realized that the two of us were completely responsible for downing that one bottle.  Somehow Evan and Andy found it in themselves to get in a car with my dad the next morning, after something like three hours of sleep, and go sightseeing at Thingvellir!  I remember hearing them leave around 8am and thinking they were nuts, this couldn't possibly be happening.  But Evan was not going to miss seeing the very place his street was named after, no matter what his hangover was telling him.  I was impressed to say the least.

Here are some pictures I found, mostly from our 2007 Iceland trip. These are all from Siglufjordur.  On the first one Evan and my dad are watching the herring being worked, a staged scene at the herring museum there.  The last two pictures are from my aunt Madda's house, but she had ordered cakes and herring bread from the baker and had us all come over.  I remember how much the guys appreciated this.  My parents are on the picture, as well as my sister Olof and my aunt Madda.

I have another fun memory I am adding.  The first time they were in Iceland, it was January and the guys were really confused by all the darkness.  Evan apparently got up at 3am, took a shower and got dressed, and couldn't understand why nobody else was up.  I guess that's when he decided to look at the clock and realized he was several hours off.  Can't blame him, the sun doesn't rise until 10 or 10:30am in the winter.



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