Happy Birthday, Evan! 

I met Evan on a wedding band gig in Boston about 20 years ago. I will never forget what a thrill it was to play with a keyboardist (doubling on accordion) who could both rip it up and keep the styles straight! It may not be obvious if you haven't tried it, but it's amazing for a jazz player to pare it down to triads and straight four for rock tunes, and then slip gracefully into the klezmer repertoire, never forgetting the flat 2, the way most rock and jazz guys will. Don't ask about klez guys playing jazz or rock!  And not to mention Evan's classical chops, the compositions, the esoterica. (Oops, mentioned them.) And he's even a nice guy, a good conversationalist, and not such a bad cook. How can this be? Are there any more at home like him? 

Here's to you, Evan! Let's catch some waves next summer! 



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