I've been thinking over all those wonderful road trips with KCB. Remember the time you, Mark Hamilton, Mimi and I (the Fearsome Foursome) spaced out in Ohio where it's so flat you lose track of where you are, and we went in the wrong direction at least an hour out of our way?  We had to turn around, get gas, get dressed and get to the concert on time, which we managed to do with seconds to spare. That was quite an adrenalin rush.  

So many fun trips…Amsterdam, Germany, CA, Florida.  I'm remembering hiking with you and Renee and band members in Wilson's Promontory in Australia. Remember those crazy red parrots (rosarios?) on the picnic table and the fairy penguins and huge kangaroos?  

When I think of you Evan, I remember how lovely it was to listen to you playing ballads on stage before sound check.  Such a gorgeous sound.    

Happy birthday Evan. I hope you are playing lots of music and faring well. 



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